Posted by: patsycat | March 6, 2008

You’re Invited!

What’s happening during the March 20, 2008, Opening Event for University of KY island in Second Life? Here’s the scoop. All times listed here are Eastern (to convert to SL Time, subtract three hours).

*Handout #1: About Second Life*
*Handout #2: Schedule, Contacts, More Information*

  • 1-2pm, University of KY island Welcome in virtual WT Young Library; “Eloise Pasteur” (SL name), PhD in Biology, and “ArthurConan Doyle,” University of Oregon Center for Advanced Technology in Education, discuss their experiences as well as educational potential in Second Life. Q&A to follow. Participate in the WT Young Library Auditorium or on University of KY island in SL.
  • 2-3pm, WT Young Library Auditorium UKy Faculty Christopher Rice, PhD, and Tad Mutersbaugh, PhD, join students in their courses to discuss current instructional activities in Second Life and take questions. Randolph Hollingsworth, PhD, moderates.
  • 3-3:30pm, University of KY island Tour the island with “Wildcat Thursday.” Projected in the Young Library Auditorium.
  • 3:30, University of KY island Play Windbag, the new game by Second Life educational gamer “Jeremy Braver.” Other games available as well. Scavenger Hunt begins on the island for avatars; winners earn Linden dollars.
  • 4-5pm, University of KY island Continue with games and Q&A with “Wildcat Thursday.” Dance floor opens with virtual DJ.
  • 4-5pm, Young Library Room B35 Pimp your avatar and join the dance party by participating in real life in WT Young Library Room #B35!

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