Posted by: patsycat | April 21, 2008

Hawking speech TODAY on UK Island

Stephen Hawking will speak on behalf of NASA about “Why We Should Go Into Space” TODAY, April 21, at 3pm Eastern (that’s noon Second Life time) on University of KY Island.

Instructions: The video will be available in the large, outdoor classroom. Click on the big TV. You may get two sets of choices. If the first set of choices consists of three buttons, click on VIDEO. Give it a second (the words please wait will be cut off on the screen, but don’t be alarmed). Then you should get a second set of choices with many more buttons: choose PLAY. After several seconds it will begin.

More Information, from NASA:
NASA is honored to have Professor Stephen Hawking speak on the Agency’s behalf on Monday, April 21st at 12 Noon PDT (SL Time). The topic is “Why We Should Go Into Space” and will include a segment on Science Education to be presented by his daughter, Lucy Hawking. This is the third in a series of NASA lectures featuring prominent leaders who discuss the benefits provided by space exploration,

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