Posted by: Beth Kraemer | July 21, 2008

Second Life resources on campus


This page is now an archive. The University of Kentucky is closing UK Island in Second Life effective Fall 2017.

This post is specifically for island residents who are members of our RL campus community.  This information is also available in a notecard in the virtual WTYL on the island.  Both this post and the notecard will be updated as needed.

Where can I use Second Life on campus?

Second Life is installed in the computer lab in the basement of Young Library and in the lab in King.  Click the Start Button – the icon is under “Instructional Software”.  The software is also available in the two classrooms within each lab for use with classes (B25 and B35 in Young, and  213E and 213F in King).  Use the Student Computing Lab classroom reservation form to reserve these rooms.

Can I get space on UK’s island?

Our island is managed by TASC.  The SL page on the TASC website has information on requesting space on the island and small grants for developing Second Life projects.

How can I get more involved in Second Life at UK?

We have a campus listserv where we discucss island planning and talk generally about educational use of Second Life.  Contact to be added to the listserv.  Please include information about your UK affiliation and interest in Second Life.

Any other resources I should know about?

We have a Second Life SharePoint site for planning and sharing resources.  Log in using your AD or MC account credentials. We also have a Facebook group.

In addition, the following web resources are available to anyone at UK or outside:


Our island manager is Wildcat Thursday.  IM Wildcat anytime for more information!

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