Posted by: patsycat | September 2, 2008

A note about policy

Welcome back to the island – we’re bustling with activity this Fall, and soon you’ll be reading about activities and projects emerging on the island. In the meantime, to kick off the semester, here’s a post that gives you the run-down on our island policy. Visit this information any time on the Island Policy page tab, above (near the top of the blog page). Also, you can find the policy information on the island itself (just touch the sign in the welcome area that says: Welcome to the Second Life home of the University of Kentucky). Come visit us on University of KY Island!


The University of Kentucky uses University of KY island for educational and research purposes and for exploring how Second Life can support learning, communications and collaboration.

We encourage you to look around the island, which was delivered in November 2007 and is now a work in progress. Please feel free to send us feedback or ask questions through Island Administrator Wildcat Thursday (Patsy Carruthers) at

All visitors to University of KY Island will be logged by avatar name for use in Second Life and SL research purposes. Any questions or concerns about privacy or other matters may be directed to Wildcat Thursday.

This island’s rating is Mature to allow for a variety of coursework and research pursuits. We ask residents and visitors to abide by the following:

  • Please do visit our Sandbox area to build, practice and play. We ask that you clean up your temporary objects before leaving. Those items left behind will be auto-returned to your inventory.
  • We ask that you not build in areas that are not assigned to you for building.
  • Be respectful of any class or meeting that is under way.
  • University of KY Island maintains a “no-use” policy for weapons and intentional harm. Do not use weapons or destructive behavior to harm or threaten others or property on University of KY Island.
  • In short, please abide by real-world campus and classroom rules and etiquette.
  • Students and visitors are held to the standards of the real life University of Kentucky Code of Student Conduct, located at Violations of the Code can result in a permanent ban from University of KY Island.
  • And, finally, residents and visitors are expected to abide by Linden Labs’ Community Standards, found at


Thank you, and enjoy your visit to University of KY Island!

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