Posted by: Sifriya | November 21, 2008

Quilt Exhibit and Folk-Art Celebration at the W.T. Young Library


In honor of the wonderful Folk-Art traditions of Kentucky, the W.T. Young Library has created a new exhibit that focuses on the art of quilting by including a virtual representation of the Wade Hall Quilt Collection. This new exhibit entitled, Stitching Pieces of Time: Kentucky Quilting Traditions and The Wade Hall Quilt Collection, will run from November 21st to January 21st and also includes archival photos, oral histories and historical information to enhance the exhibit experience. The feature of this exhibit will he a virtual representation of 32 out the 64 quilts from the Wade Hall Quilt Collection hanging in the RL W.T. Young Library.quilt_004

As an opening event for this new exhibit, a Harvest Festival is planned for Friday November 21st from 9-11 AM SLT (12-2 PM EST). Musical forms of Kentucky Folk-Art will be added during the first hour of the celebration through a live performance of The Hog Operation, one of the Bluegrass bands currently featured in our Bluegrass in the Bluegrassmusic concert series held at the RL John Jacob Niles Center for American Music. Special thanks go to Oriscus Zauberflote and Penro Republic for arranging our very first live streaming audio event on the Island!

As visitors stroll around the exhibit on November 21st, listening to the wonderful Bluegrass sounds, they can also take advantage of a few other fun activities such as hayrides, clog dancing, sewing animations, and old fashioned pumpkin pie! Be sure to join the fun and take time to explore this new exhibit highlighting the rich artistic traditions of Kentucky!
Hope to see you there!

Exhibit Curator: Sifriya Devin



  1. Wonderful exhibit and a terrific event! Hog Operation rocks!

    See pictures posted to the island Flickr group:

  2. I second that. It was fun. I wish you could have seen the Hogs peeking over my shoulder to see what was happening. I had my dual monitors set up so the crowd in the Niles Gallery could see. I think everyone was pretty interested. I moved my camera around a lot so they could see the exhibit and the people dancing.

    It’s a beautiful exhibit and I was proud to lend a hand for the opening. Congratulations to Sifriya for stitching all these patchwork pieces together….

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