Posted by: sluthier | January 31, 2009

Condos in Heaven

Opening Saturday night, January 31, at 6:00 PM SLT (9:00 PM eastern time) the University of Kentucky Department of Art presents a new installation on the University of KY sim (SLURL: by renowned SL artist Bryn Oh. If you’ve never been to a major art opening in SL, you owe it to yourself to make it to this one.

Condos in Heaven

Condos in Heaven

Bryn is one of the most prolific and admired artists in SL for her creativity and depth. Her work is whimsical, melancholy, and sometimes dark, usually telling some chapter of a broad story about a futuristic world invaded by robotic creatures. It deals with issues of identity, belief, consumption, myth, and love. Bryn creates other worlds of mist and shadow. In fact, this installation, titled Condos in Heaven, includes a detailed set of intructions for setting the SL atmospheric controls. (They can also be installed as a preset from a download at her website.) Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this automatically, but I strongly encourage you to make the effort to use her settings.

Condos in Heaven is the second show at UK’s SL art gallery to be curated by Andrew Sempere (Tezcatlipoca Bisiani). Please read his artful description of the show on his blog. The virtual gallery is directed by UK’s Dima Strakovsky. This promises to be yet another blockbuster for the UK sim. An invitation-only preview show Thursday evening brought out a good crowd of the top SL artists and a steady flow of visitors can be expected for the run of the show. Condos contiues at UKY through March. I also strongly recommend a lengthy exploration of Bryn’s own sim, Immersiva.



  1. Look forward to the opening tonight! The link to the UKY sim at the top of the article is returning an error on the SLURL locator map. Could be a temporary issue, but wanted you to know.

  2. Unfortunately, I am unable to get to the exhibit. I had this posted on my course website ( for my students to attend, but the link to your sim has difficulties (think it is the spaces in the name) and then when I do get to the sim I can’t find information on how to visit the exhibit. I just find settings for the environment and landmarks to where I’m already standing. If you would please email me with the slurl to the exhibit, I’d be grateful! Thanks! – Amanda amanda underscore robertson at ncsu dot edu

  3. Amanda – I just tested the SLURL in this aritcle and it worked fine. The spaces in the link are correctly escaped as far as I can see.

    You were in the right place. The gallery where you saw the LM and the sky instructions is the portal. If you walk in towards the pedestal with the poem on top you will see a metal canister on the floor. If you look closely at the top of that, you will see that it says:”Sit to Teleport.” That will take you to the exhibit. Bryn’s work requires careful examination, but the rewards are great.

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