Posted by: Beth Kraemer | April 13, 2009

Second Life Drop-in Day

Photo by Cheri Daniels

Photo by Cheri Daniels

The Second Life Drop in session hosted at the University of Kentucky went well!  We had reasonable attendance despite torrential rain, hail and a tornado warning.  🙂  My guess is we might have had a few more folks in attendance had the weather been a bit better!

Those who braved the weather were interested in hearing about educational applications of Second Life and several stayed around for quite a while talking about experiences and potential uses.  We had faculty, staff and students from a wide variety of colleges and departments, including Dentistry, Nursing, Biology, Education, English, UK’s Human Development Institute and the Office of Community Engagement.

A big “thank you” to island residents, Rowdy KYians and other visitors who stopped in to the island or in “real life” to talk with attendees!

A couple of attendees commented that they liked the drop-in format of these information sessions, which allows people to come in without advance sign-up as their schedules permit.  We staffed a computer lab from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and visitors could come in anytime and stay as long as they liked.  We took down contact information for each visitor and in some cases recorded requests for more information to be sent later.  Several attendees requested links to information or Second Life locations focused on a particular subject area.  So the session provided the initial contact, but we expect to have follow-up conversations with many attendees.

This was the second “drop-in” style information session we have hosted at the University of Kentucky.


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