Posted by: Beth Kraemer | June 17, 2009

Common Reading Experience

The University of Kentucky is hosting a Common Reading Experience event this fall, and University of KY Island will host one of the discussion sessions!  Visit the CRE website for information about the book (James McBride’s The Color of Water) and other CRE events on campus.

The Second Life session on UK’s island will take place on Monday, October 12 at 6:00 PM EST (3:00 PM SLT) in the virtual Young Library on the island.  Miranda Hines (Erimentha Hitendra in SL) will lead the discussion and Beth Kraemer (Alice Burgess in SL) will be on hand to help out any new Second Life users.

We hope to see many of our island regulars for this event, as well as some new faces!  If you are new to Second Life and would like more information about how to get started, contact Beth at  We are planning a campus training session to be held a couple of weeks before the 10/12 event.

For more posts relating to this event, see all UKisland posts tagged “CRE”.

Wildcat reading on University of KY Island

Wildcat reading on University of KY Island

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