Posted by: Beth Kraemer | July 8, 2009

Rowdy KYians Meeting & Training

RK2Several University of KY island residents participated in the Second Annual Rowdy KYians training session hosted at the University of Louisville yesterday.  The day-long workshop was intended as training for new Kentucky educators interested in Second Life, and also as a chance for experienced users to meet and share.

We had an overflow crowd, with all 40 computers occupied and several experienced UofL Second Lifers floating in the room to provide tech support support.  Participants represented colleges and universities, K-12 educators, public libraries, as well as other Kentuckians interested in learning more about educational applications of Second Life.  New users created accounts and learned the basics of Second Life:  how to edit your avatar, how to communicate  and navigate in the virtual world, how to find educational sites in SL, how to get a box off your head!  We toured several educational locations in Second Life, including (of course) University of KY island.  Several UK attendees conducted tours, facilitated discussion, or conducted demos.  Kathryn Moore of UK provided an overview of her experience as a Nursing faculty member in Second Life.  Dwight Newton of UK did a building and scripting demo.  And Beth Kraemer conducted the University of KY island tour.

If anyone who participated in the workshop is not yet a member of the Rowdy KYians, please join!  You can post any follow up questions to the list to get help.  The purpose of this group is to provide a place to share information and support each other.  Use the Google Group page to request membership.  If anyone has images from the event, please add those to the Rowdy KYian Flickr Group.

Thank you to David Horrar and everyone at UofL for all their work to create this wonderful event!

Participants in UofL's computer classroom.

Participants in UofL's computer classroom.

Rowdy KYians avatars on UofL's island

Rowdy KYians avatars on UofL's island

Building demo

Building demo in the UofL sandbox.

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