Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | August 25, 2009

Second Life event in real life too – Tom Boellstorff interview

The UK Second Life community and the UK Department of Anthropology invite all to attend — in real life or in Second Life — an interview by AJ Kelton with Tom Boellstorff (SL: Tom Bukowski), Editor-in-Chief of American Anthropologist, the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association and author of Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human (Princeton University Press, 2008). Mark your calendar and be sure to join us:

Tuesday, September 1st
2:30 pm Second Life Time (5:30 pm Eastern)
CHSSSouth Amphitheater in Second Life
UK Student Center Theatre in real life (near the UK Federal Credit Union) – we’ll have the interview available for viewing and a microphone on hand in case anyone wants to use Randolph Hollingsworth’s SL avatar (Bella Yan) to ask questions and interact with the inworld participants.

Several of us will be at the Center Theatre auditorium at 5 p.m. to talk more about how we are using Second Life in the classroom and for research. If you are curious to know more about how Second Life works, are wondering how a terrific educator and researcher like Boellstorff got involved, and haven’t gotten a chance to see it for yourself… this is a good event for you!


  1. Now that sounds like brilliant fun.

    I follow more than enough people who live and breathe SL, when it intersects with my chosen study — anthropology — that makes it even better.

  2. […] Link, via the University of KY Island Blog. […]

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