Posted by: Beth Kraemer | September 3, 2009

Exhibit to support Common Reading Experience

The University of Kentucky’s W.T. Young Library presents a new exhibit – The Color of Water: A Common Reading Experience at the University of Kentucky. The exhibit, housed in the virtual W.T. Young Library, includes information about James McBride, his book, The Color of Water, the Common Reading Experience, and campus resources at the University of Kentucky.  In addition, the exhibit provides supplementary information to expand the reader’s understanding of the author’s background and to address issues such as religion, interracial families, and African American history that are discussed in the book.

In conjunction with the exhibit, the UK Libraries and UK’s Common Reading Experience will host a discussion of the book on October 12, 2009, from 3:00-4:00pm (SLT) (6:00-7:00 EST), in the virtual William T. Young Library on the University of Kentucky Island in Second Life.  A face to face observation of the in-world discussion will be provided simultaneously in the Young Library Gallery on October 12th from 6:00-7:00pm (EST). The discussion will focus on issues such as race, religion, education, identity, family, and more found throughout the book as well as how those things shaped the character’s experiences and perceptions of the world around them.  This discussion provides student participation credit for the Common Reading Experience.

For more information about the exhibit or the book discussion, contact UK Libraries’ own: Erimentha Hitendra, Ginevra Merlin, or Alice Burgess.

University of Kentucky Island is located at


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