Posted by: Beth Kraemer | October 26, 2009

University of Kentucky in Second Life College Fair

Speaker Session Audience

Speaker Session Audience

The University of Kentucky participated in the 2009 College in Second Life this past weekend. This was the second college fair held on the main grid of Second Life and the second time UK has participated.  As with last year, the fair included a speaker series and an exhibit area where college and university representatives could create information booths.  The speaker events were held this weekend only, but the exhibit booths will be available at the fair site through Nov. 13.  The fair was held on International Schools Island, SLURL:

UK booth at College Fair

UK booth at College Fair

The speakers this year were really excellent.  We hope to have a page up in the fair Google Group soon with resources associated with several of the presentations (notes, links, slides, if available).

Alice at the closing panel session

Alice at the closing panel session

A list of the participating schools is availble on the main fair information page, and a map of the fair site shows where each school exhibit is located.  We had more space and “prims” (Second Life building blocks) available to use this year, so the booths were particularly creative.  I’d encourage everyone to visit the site while it is available.  If you want to talk with any of the exhibitors, right-click on any object to find the name of the avatar owner.

I created the UK booth in something of an Alice-in-Wonderland theme – the site included a mini replica of the virtual William T. Young Library we have on our island, with small furniture and information objects inside.  The whole building is “phantom” (your avatar can walk right through it), so don’t worry if it looks like you won’t be able to fit through the door.

Many of the exhibits include free educational tools and landmarks and almost all include information about what their college or university is doing in Second Life.  They are also creative and fun examples of conveying information in Second Life.The fair tag is SLCF09, so search for that tag to find information posted by other fair attendees.  (e.g., see this collection of Flickr images using the fair tag)

Although the speaker series is over, the exhibits are well worth exploring!  If you have questions please contact

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