Posted by: sammantharay | March 16, 2010

Dentistry’s cased-based learning in Secondlife

3/16/10.  The College of Dentistry and Medicine Faculty recently participated in a SL event collaborating with Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX. Dental students from both institutions volunteered to pilot grand round learning, in-world, through Second Life.   Planning for the event included:  completion of the IRB –exemption; construction of a virtual UKMC on the UK island by Dwight Newton; development of learning outcomes and teaching materials; creation of the seminar room artifacts by Matt Hazzard from TASC; and, training and consultation from Beth Kraemer, WTY Library.  Images and details of the event can be found on UKnow headline news.

For more information about this project and SLife education, contact Sandra Challman,



  1. Yesterday a blogger picked up this article and posted an additional interview. Oz’s “Primcutter Exhibit” was cited.

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