Posted by: patsycat | April 1, 2010

SL in mini-medical rounds

The University of Kentucky’s Second Life presence was a part of today’s mini-medical rounds, where a small group of donors to UK along with President Todd and his wife, Patsy, were introduced to the life of a medical student.

During the event, visitors experienced different aspects (labs, rounds, simulations, technology, and more) that a medical student would experience in four years.

Dr. April Richardson led a brief showcase of Second Life (SL) usage and its application to anatomy education by entering SL with her avatar and projecting that for the real life audience. “We did three different 10-minute session,” said Dr. Richardson. “We really tried to show them the benefits of SL.”

She was joined in-world by TASC’s Matt Hazzard, who has developed the graphical presentation of the anatomy lab, and by Dr. Richard Pollock from the UK Department of Surgery. “I emphasized then that this was another advantage of SL,” said Dr. Richardson, “because Dr. Pollock was actually across campus, but his avatar was in-world; therefore, SL allows for us to bring in experts from many different backgrounds without the expensive costs of travel.” Dr. Pollock walked the group through a video prepared by UK’s Center for Advanced Training and Simulations (CATS), now shown in-world in the virtual anatomy lab.

Dr. Richardson finished by teleporting to the American Cancer Society island to show the visitors that, once established, an avatar has a wealth of information at their fingertips. She also shared some student comments and described how they embraced the technology.

Congratulations to all the participants for providing this UK Second Life Education showcase!

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