Posted by: sluthier | May 17, 2010

University of Kentucky Department of Art presents Pete Jiminy

PETE JIMINY — Summer 2010

Opening Monday May 24 at 1:00 PM SLT/4:00 PM EDT

Pete is remarkable rl artist who is well known among the cognoscenti of SL art. He is a member of the Caerleon Artists Collective and has worked on a number of their major collaborative installations. You can see his work in several important galleries, including the Museum of Virtual Art on New Caerleon, as well as Crossover Gallery, S&S Gallery and others.

Clearly a master of color and form, Pete’s work often conveys a sense of humor without being overt. In addition to his rl work in traditional media, Pete has been exploring the possibilities of 3D art in SL. The UK Dept. of Art in SL is delighted to share his work with the global virtual community of art enthusiasts. For information about the gallery or the opening, contact Oriscus “Oz” Zauberflote (oriscus @


My work began with landscapes of the Alaska environment, but now centers on abstracted images, symbolic of whatever thoughts seem to pass through my head.  Although my work begins with a specific intent, I like to think that the viewer’s enjoyment doesn’t rely on understanding a specific message; rather I hope to create an ambiguity that will allow individual interpretation.

In the virtual environment I have recently begun digital sculptural work, playing with several thoughts. One being abstractions, applying the same process used in my painting. Another being just goofing off while exploring the constraints of simple prim building. I do continue to consider the role that the new medium of virtual art will play in the scheme of art history.

Pete Jiminy lives in Alaska where he works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He loves the opportunity that the virtual world provides in allowing his work to be seen by a different audience.

Galleries in SL featuring the work of Pete Jiminy:
Museum of Virtual Art:
Crossworlds Gallery:

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