Posted by: Beth Kraemer | March 24, 2011

Digital Game-Based Learning class

Thanks to Mark Schneider for this description of a recent class meeting on UK island!

Course: EDC543-201 Digital Game-Based Learning

Instructor: Joan Mazur

TA: Mark Schneider

Digital Gamed-Based Learning (DGBL) is a method of instruction which uses interactive computer games with educational content.  One example of DGBL is the POD game, where you are responsible for dispensing medication in the middle of an Anthrax event.

For this particular class in Second Life, students were introduced to the concept of building.  First the concept of PRIMS was explained, along with their benefits and limitations.  Although it was outside the scope of the class, LSL was briefly discussed.  One, two and multiple prim objects were displayed.  Finally, the students were instructed to stand behind a black line and face toward the instructor.  Ten students participated in building a one prim stool, a two prim vase, and finally a five prim table.  YouTube videos were provided prior to this training, allowing students to view how these constructions were accomplished.

The students did exceptionally well.  The highlight of the building was one student modifying her table to make a ping pong table, complete with paddles, net and ball.  It was very impressive.

Afterward, students remained in the sandbox, experimenting with various shapes, sizes and textures.


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