Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | November 9, 2011

College of Ed collaboration with U of W Australia

Jennifer Wilhelm, University of KentuckyCheck out the article describing the collaboration between Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm, PIMSER Outreach Professor, UK College of Education, and Winthrop Professor Grady Venville, the inaugural Professor of Science Education at University of Western Australia.Venville, University of Western Australia

They met together with Dr. Wilhelm’s class of pre-service math teachers in their UKy Second Life classroom to talk about their science findings – and Dr. Venville writes that she found the added bonus of using an avatar to talk online live with students from another university to be intriguing

Dr. Venville writes:  “The lesson was a great success because it enabled ‘live’ discussion across the hemispheres which is an enriching experience when trying to understand and explain the phases of the Moon. Our goal is for these pre-service teachers to see the ‘added value’ that platforms like second life can bring to teaching…”

They plan to try and bring together their two classes next time – a combined meeting of aspiring teachers in Australia and in Kentucky.  Great things are ahead!


  1. This is really exciting! I hope we can expand this collaboration in #uksl to other courses and colleges at UK and U of W Australia!

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