Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | March 4, 2012

Starting up a new class on the UK island

A&S Wired logoWanted to let everyone know that we’ll be using the UK Island as home base for our A&S Wired short course (A&S100-008) – Between Shadow and Light in a Global Village: Co-mingling in Physical and Virtual Worlds. (Here’s the syllabus, if you’re interested in seeing more details about the class objectives and the technologies we’ll be using.)

There will be about 25 first year undergraduates from the A&S Wired living learning community in Keeneland Hall working on a group project focused on the many different dimensions of international communities in Second Life.  They will be looking for aspects of what the sociologist Elijah Anderson calls, The Cosmopolitan Canopy.  We will be guided in our explorations often by the teachings of the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah who wrote so persuasively about the concept of cosmopolitanism.

See more about all this at our class blog,  We’ll be playing with “bio-cubes” on the island after spring break – contact if you want to facilitate… or just come and play!

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