Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | April 1, 2012

This is a terrific post by an A&S Wired student – looking forward to seeing what international community in Second Life this student chooses to investigate for the group project.

Between Shadow and Light

The article “How Second Life Affects Real Life” talks about ways in which qualities that are acquired in second life and be displayed in real life. The author, Kristina Dell, talks about various researches done at Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab. The head of lab, Jeremy Bailenson explored different ways in which self-perception affects behavior. From his study, he suggests that qualities like confidence and insecurity can have an effect on how you behave in the real world; often time’s people are unaware of this change. Dell pointed out several experiments but I found one that was pretty interesting. In one experiment, Stanford graduate student Jesse Fox randomly assigned 75 volunteers. He then divided these volunteers into three groups. One group watched their look-alike characters run on treadmills for about 5 minutes, another group saw their look-alike characters sit around, while volunteers in the third group saw avatars that…

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