Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | May 15, 2013

New course using Team-Based Learning launched In Anatomy and Neurobiology

ANA 309: “An Introduction to Regional Anatomy” was first offered at UK  in the Spring of 2013. Dr. April Richardson had 20 undergraduate pre-healthcare professionals enroll in the course.

ANA 309 class photo in UK SL island "An Introduction to Regional Anatomy" Spring 2013

ANA 309 class photo on UK SL island “An Introduction to Regional Anatomy” with Dr. April Richardson Hatcher, Spring 2013

She purposefully restricted the class size to see how everything would go in the virtual environment the first time around. Four of the students who enrolled in ANA 309 last spring attended medical school this fall (3 at UK, 1 in Cincinnati). To her knowledge, this course was the first of its kind in the US to include Team-Based Learning in a virtual environment.

News of the course has generated a lot of interest in the TBL community when Dr. Richardson presented it at a TBL meeting at Wright State University. The initial publication on the course will be published later this year or early January in Medical Science Educator.

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