Posted by: Randolph Hollingsworth | April 22, 2014

Richardson-Hatcher and Hazzard featured in UKnow article

Richardson-Hatcher in front of computer showing virtual lab in Second Life

Image from UKnow article by Elizabeth Adams (April 22, 2014)

Congratulations to Dr. April Richardson-Hatcher and Matt Hazzard for the terrific article in UKnow today showcasing their anatomy lab on the UK Second Life island!

The reporter’s description of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative design connects well to the concepts of immersive learning experiences readily available in Second Life. Connecting the Cranial Nerve Skywalk with globalization – an important strategic goal for the University – was a stroke of genius. Of course this happens – that’s why we have an island on the SL Main Grid to help ease this internationalization of the learning experience. However, for those of us who have been inworld for a long time, we take that too much for granted! This is a great way to show how the UK island in SL can help to further the University’s larger goals.

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