Questions about using the UK Second Life island for your classes or research project? Contact the UKSL island administrator Wildcat Thursday inworld or email Patsy Carruthers in UKIT at or Randolph Hollingsworth in the Division of Undergraduate Education at (SL: Bella Yan). To request financial support for your educational use of Second Life, please fill out this Word doc form and submit email to Patsy Carruthers in UKIT at
Need ideas on how to use Second Life? See the Resource Database for Educators at
and join the statewide group
Rowdy KYians Statewide Group of Educators Interested in Virtual Worlds
Rowdy KYians

SPRING 2008 Academic Efforts

FALL 2008 Academic Efforts

SPRING 2009 Academic Efforts

2009-10 Academic Efforts

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2011-13 Academic Efforts



  1. I would like to use Second Life for a graduate course I’m teaching in the spring, EDC 708. I’m not sure how to go about doing that. This page says I have to fill out a Word doc form but I don’t see the form anywhere. Please advise…

    Christine Schnittka, Ph.D.
    Asst. Prof. of Science Education

  2. Oh, never mind. I see the form (it shows up when you mouse over the text), but obviously I have no idea what a Linden dollar is, so I have some work to do.

  3. Do you have master programs in Social Services….. on second life

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