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Courses, Projects and Research on UKSL 2011-13

UKSL academic activities from Spring of 2011 to Spring of 2013

April 2013:Do As We Do, Not As You Think: The Effect of Group Influence on Individual Choices in a Virtual Environment,” Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (Vol 6, No 1) by Rebecca Rayburn-Reeves, Jennifer Wu, Sara Wilson, Beth Kraemer, and  Philipp Kraemer.

March 2013: University of Kentucky’s Christena Gazave, April Richardson-Hatcher, Matt Hazzard, Dwight Newton and Randolph Hollingsworth came together with David Horrar of University of Louisville and Joe Clark of Florida State University’s Distance Learning Office to discuss the pro’s and cons of using virtual worlds and specifically Second Life at the Kentucky Commonwealth Commitment Summit.

Spring Semester 2013: Courses taught in Second Life

Fall 2012: publication of Women of the Right:  Comparisons and Exchanges Across National Borders (Penn State U Press) included the essay “Memoirs of an Avatar: A Feminist Exploration of Right-Wing Worlds Flourishing in,” by Randolph Hollingsworth.

September 2012: Celebration of Banned Books Week on the UKSL Island, an exhibit by Beth Kraemer in the virtual Young Library space on the island.

Spring Semester 2012:  A&S Wired class taught in Second Life by Randolph Hollingsworth and Richard Greissman, “Between Shadow and Light: Co-Mingling in Physical and Virtual Communities

Fall 2011: Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm, PIMSER Outreach Professor in the UK College of Education, collaborated with Winthrop Professor Grady Venville, the inaugural Professor of Science Education at University of Western Australia. They met together with Dr. Wilhelm’s class of pre-service math teachers in their UKy Second Life classroom to talk about their science findings.

October 2011:Social Theory, Art and Immigration in Kentucky – a conversation in the UKy Perennial Peace Garden” led by Randolph Hollingsworth in partnership with artist Marjorie Guyon as part of the Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference at UK.

October 2011: UKSL community members presented to the Kentucky Internet2 Fall Meeting, led by Patsy Carruthers, UKIT.

September 2011: UK Core Celebration and Nation of Nations Event in the Perennial Peace Garden, with the UKSL community led by Randolph Hollingsworth with guest facilitators from Ohio State, U of South Florida, University of Louisville, and SL Music Island.

2011-2012: A summary of work in SL by Dr. April Richardson of the UK Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology included scholarly publications, meetings and a virtual conference as well as mentoring two master’s thesis projects. She spearheaded the creation of a new course Introduction to Regional Anatomy (ANA309) that will be taught in Second Life; and, she taught two existing courses on the UKSL island: ANA 395 and ANA 503.  See more details at

March 2011: Dr. Joan Mazur’s class, EDC543 “Digital Game-Based Learning” met in Second Life to practice building skills as well as basic navigation skills.

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New course using Team-Based Learning launched In Anatomy and Neurobiology

ANA 309: “An Introduction to Regional Anatomy” was first offered at UK  in the Spring of 2013. Dr. April Richardson had 20 undergraduate pre-healthcare professionals enroll in the course.

ANA 309 class photo in UK SL island "An Introduction to Regional Anatomy" Spring 2013

ANA 309 class photo on UK SL island “An Introduction to Regional Anatomy” with Dr. April Richardson Hatcher, Spring 2013

She purposefully restricted the class size to see how everything would go in the virtual environment the first time around. Four of the students who enrolled in ANA 309 last spring attended medical school this fall (3 at UK, 1 in Cincinnati). To her knowledge, this course was the first of its kind in the US to include Team-Based Learning in a virtual environment.

News of the course has generated a lot of interest in the TBL community when Dr. Richardson presented it at a TBL meeting at Wright State University. The initial publication on the course will be published later this year or early January in Medical Science Educator.

Rowdy KYians logo

The Rowdy KYians came together in Lexington yesterday (and today) to showcase work being down by universities and secondary schools with Second Life to offer immersive learning experiences connected to significant learning outcomes.

David Horrar of the University of Louisville together with University of Kentucky’s Christena Gazave, April Richardson-Hatcher, Matt Hazzard, Dwight Newton and Randolph Hollingsworth came together with Joe Clark of Florida State University’s Distance Learning Office to discuss the pro’s and cons of using virtual worlds and specifically Second Life for (what Kuh calls) DEEP learning experiences.

See more at “Education in Second Life showcased at Kentucky Commonwealth Commitment Summit 2013”.

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Saturday Grooves at Deep Think, Open University

Check out what the Tori Landau and the good folks in the Open University’s Virtual MPhil (a Computing Department project aimed at a new Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programme) are doing.

Saturday Grooves at Deep Think, Open University.

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Collaboration and Cooperation – UKSL and U of Western Australia?

This news just in:

A Human Anatomy professor at Univ. of Western Australia (UWA) is planning to teach classes in SL and contacted April Richardson about her work. UWA has been working with the professor to plan the construction of a facility on the very active and creative UWA sims (see more at

They’re thinking about crafting some kind of mutual cooperation agreement between the two universities. This would be a fabulous first for UKSL!

Next up, Ohio State University’s wonderful Sharon Collingwood who is also seeking university-wide partnerships to continue her good work in SL (see the Minerva website at other immersive environments on gender analysis and social identities.

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Cosmopolitan in Second Life

A&S Wired logoClick on the blog post title below for a great example of what the A&S Wired students are saying about their first experiences in Second Life. Please come to the Between Shadow and Light blog to join in the conversations!

Cosmopolitan in Second Life.


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Starting anew!

Starting anew!

Our A&S Wired class “Between Shadow and Light: Co-Mingling in Physical and Virtual Communities” has started up again! We’ll be using the UKSL island for orientation training next week. The UKIT computer lab in the M.I.King Library will host our students as they work together to learn basic skills in navigating the diverse landscapes in Second Life and in respectful communications.

Please join us as we play! We’ll be inworld on Tuesday and Thursday of next week, 5-6:15 pm.  Contact Randolph Hollingsworth (Bella Yan in Second Life) or Richard Greissman (Ansel Guisse in Second Life) if you would like to help mentor first-year student “newbies” as they explore SL’s international communities and work on their digital projects together. See more on the goals of this course at the UK Shadow Light blog.

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April Richardson on the UKSL island, 2011-12

Recently we received an awesome list from Dr. April Richardson of the UK Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology (aka Kezia1618 Landar in Second Life) on the work she’s currently doing on the UK Second Life Island.


  • 11 abstracts
  • 1 publication
  • 3 publications in preparation
  • 10 national/international meetings; 1 international virtual conference
  • 9 undergraduates in ANA395
  • 4 graduate students in ANA503
  • 2 master’s thesis projects

Ongoing Second Life Projects

  1. The Virtual Anatomy Lab on the UK Island in Second Life: An Introduction to Regional Anatomy (ANA309) was approved recently (it had to go through five levels of approval this past year), so it will be offered in Spring 2013. This will include a regional approach to anatomy via online Blackboard modules, and students will meet in Second Life once a week for a team-based learning session on the topic for that week. Matt Hazzard of UKIT Academic Technologies has been instrumental in getting this ready, as well as Chris Bentley (an undergraduate who has helped with some of the coding in SL). The class will cap at 24 the first time, so we can see how the technology/course will run at first.
  2. The Cranial Nerve Skywalk: Built in collaboration with Dr. German Ramirez, an oral biologist at the University of Manitoba, this is a 3D tutorial of the cranial nerves III, V, VII and IX. It was presented at the American Dental Education Association in Florida in March and at the American Association of Clinical Anatomists in Grenada in July. Approximately 90 Physician Assistant/Physical Therapy students and approximately 40 dental students used this in Spring 2012; it was also used for 120 students in the medical class this fall 2012.
  3. Cultural Competency in Medicine: a collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Brueckner-Collins, Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, University of Louisville.
  4. Virtual learning and telehealth: a collaboration with nurse Dianna Vice, a UK Telecare clinical coordinator, using the virtual world to simulate clinical experience/case studies for nursing students. We are in the process of submitting a publication to the Journal of Nursing Education this summer.


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UKSL Island Observes Banned Books Week


Alice Burgess and Wildcat Thursday

Alice Burgess and Wildcat Thursday

Beth Kraemer, Director of Emerging Technology in the UK Libraries (SL: Alice Burgess), has created a new exhibit “UK Island Observes Banned Books Week” in the virtual Young Library space on the island.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week – the theme is “30 Years of Liberating Literature.”

Here’s the SLURL if you want to visit the new exhibit on the UKSL island:

The exhibit includes links to information on Banned Books Week, several Social Media “boards” (live Twitter searches), and a table with a few banned/challenged book objects that link to the full text via Project Gutenberg.

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Adventures in Dee

Read a new blogpost on “Between Shadow and Light in a Global Village”

Adventures in Dee. An A&S Wired student finds the dangerous narrows between adherence to role in a roleplaying sim and stereotyping.

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