What Is Second Life?

See the Higher Education Teaching Learning article by SLOAN-C award winner Dr. Susan Oaks on use of Second Life for Professional Communications course in business.

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world application used for social interaction and, increasingly, for education. Users create representations of themselves called “avatars” to communicate with other users and explore a vast virtual civilization. The application may look and feel like a video game, but users do not simply interact within a fixed environment created by a game developer. All content within Second Life is created by the users themselves, making this particular virtual world application specifically well-suited for educational use.

Find out about Second Life Resources here on the UK campus – and be sure to visit the page Get Oriented to UKySL island.    Have you seen the interview of Dr. Christopher Rice about UK’s Second Life for the College of Arts & Sciences Ampersand?  See what the UK SL community has been doing with classes, projects and research – click on the tab above.

To find out more about uses of Second Life by other universities, visit: Second Life Education Wiki – SimTeach; or SecondLife.com directory for universities‘ sites in SL.  A great place to learn more about higher educational uses of virtual worlds and gaming, visit the New Media Consortium site – they also offer a customized orientation to SL experience for university faculty and students. For other examples of educational and outreach uses of Second Life, see:


  1. Second Life Resourses here on campus are great everybody is friendly.

  2. Second life is a 3D virtual world, everybody here is an avatar

  3. Is there a group we are supposed to join on second life once we have created our avatar?

  4. Yes – I can make it easy for you 🙂 If you will email me at pcarr3@uky.edu with your SL avatar name, I’ll add you to the group. I’m Wildcat Thursday in-world, and I will friend you as well.

  5. […] first, I was a bit confused on how the Second Life world worked. However, the class on Thursday, March 26th helped me become more confident in […]

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